From heat to Russian frost, weather forecast for an exceptional weekend

Between Saturday and Sunday we will go from typical late April conditions to Christmas conditions

Four months in 24 hours: the weather forecast for this weekend is exceptional. While tomorrow, Saturday 25 February, it will seem to be in April with totally spring-like temperatures, the day after – Sunday 26 February – it will seem to be Christmas or Boxing Day, with snow in the North down to low altitudes. Antonio Sanò, founder of, therefore explains that in 24 hours we will pass from the typical conditions of the end of April to Christmas conditions: a return to the past of 4 months, after having tasted an anticipation of full spring.

An exceptional turnaround as it will take place in a few hours, at most in one day, from Saturday evening to Sunday evening we will make an impressive weather jump. We could say a triple pike jump: in fact we will go from heat to cold, from calm to storm, from sun to snow. Three weather factors, a triple jump, a change that will take us back 4 months in just one weekend.

We have not remembered such a drastic change for a long time: in practice today and tomorrow the temperatures will fluctuate around 17-18°C in the Centre-North with peaks of 20°C, while on the major islands, thanks to the sirocco, we can even reach 24 -25°C as at the end of April. From late Saturday evening, however, he will arrive, the Russian frost. Directly from the area of ​​Moscow and St. Petersburg, where in these hours we record maximum temperatures of -10/-12°C, the Arctic draft will invade Italy starting from the Porta della Bora.

From Saturday evening the cold will begin to penetrate the Po Valley, in the North, where we expect a drop in temperatures of up to 10 degrees in the plains and 15-17°C in the mountains on Sunday: on the following night, between Sunday and Monday, the first snowfalls in the plains between Emilia and Lower Piedmont are not excluded, but the snow cyclone is ready to strike especially in the last 2 days of February.

The trajectory of the cyclone has not yet been fully confirmed, but, at the moment, the low pressure minimum should stop over the Ligurian Sea, pushing the precipitation load towards the northwest and the northern Apennines. And it would be excellent news against the prevailing drought in these areas.

In practice, between Monday and Tuesday some model elaborations indicate 40 cm of snow also in Turin; we are at the limit, as the temperatures are currently very high and therefore what is called a cold buffer in meteorological jargon is not present: in other words, these precipitations will arrive after a warm rather than a cold period. We won’t have snowfalls from softening, or from a cold buffer, but we can have snow storms and intense phenomena. Above 500-600 meters abundant snow is expected in Emilia, Liguria, Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta; to confirm the 40 centimeters in Turin we will instead have to understand the dynamics of the cyclone and the various timing of the phenomena. In addition to Turin, vast areas of the Po Valley could be whitewashed, from Emilia to Lower Lombardy and above all a large part of Piedmont. All seasoned with stormy winds which could therefore favor real blizzards, from Sunday evening until Tuesday afternoon.

It seems, then, that from March 1st the situation improves, even if we don’t exclude other cold impulses due to the stratwarming phenomenon underway. Let’s get ready for a throwback: 4 months in 24 hours, from the end of April to a late Christmas.

Today, Friday 24 February – In the North: drizzle with low clouds especially in the North West. In the Center: rains in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. In the South: prevailing good weather and warm for the period.

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 February – In the north: nice warm weather. In the center: it gets worse in Tuscany and Sardinia with thunderstorms, but warm weather. In the South: sunny with anomalous heat, typical of the end of April.

Sunday 26 February – In the north: strong Bora winds, worsening in Emilia and in the Northwest. In the middle: widespread bad weather, snow in the plains of Tuscany since the evening. In the south: rains to come and heat drop.

Trend: cyclone in western Italy, bad weather concentrated in the centre-south, partially affecting the north.