From her beginnings to Un posto al sole to today: how has Serena Rossi changed over the years? You will hardly believe it

How has Serena Rossi changed from her debut to Un posto al sole to today? You will hardly believe in the transformation of the beloved actress.

Among the many local actresses, a particular mention deserves Serena Rossi. A very young actress of a certain caliber, she began to take her first steps in this world when she was just a little girl, but right from the start she showed that she has what it takes to sell. Immediately after her debut a A Place in the Sun – famous Neapolitan soap opera, which in recent days has been hit by a very serious mourning – the beautiful Rossi has been able to put everyone in agreement, riding the crest of the wave.

Serena Rossi. Credits: Instagram

Some time after her last television appearance, Serena Rossi is about to return to the small screen. In fact, in several weeks, the new episodes of Mina Settembre – a TV series based on the homonymous novels by Maurizio De Giovanni – will be broadcast and her audience can’t wait to know how her story will end. Waiting, however, you are curious to know how has it changed all these years? As we said a little while ago, Serena Rossi made her small screen debut as a child, but what was it like in the days of Un posto al sole? We tracked down an old soap video: you will hardly believe her change!

How has Serena Rossi changed from the time of A place in the sun to today?

She was very young Serena Rossi when he began to make himself known by the Italian public in Un posto al sole. In the role of Carmen, the very young Neapolitan was one of the undisputed protagonists of the soap opera for many years. And even now, despite the fact that years have passed since her ‘goodbye’, she continues to be remembered with immense affection by all her viewers.

Many years have passed since Serena Rossi took part in Un posto al sole, but from that moment everything has changed. To date, the actress has become the mother of little Diego, she is happily in love with Davide – an actor known on the set of the Neapolitan soap opera – and she is a splendid career woman. Are you curious, though, to know how it has changed over the years? Look at this shot dating back to the time of A place in the sun: you won’t believe your eyes!

serena rossi a place in the sun
A Place in the Sun. Credits: Youtube

Really hard to believe, but it really is! Despite at the time of A Place in the Sun, Serena Rossi was just a little girl, it is clear that she hasn’t changed at all over the years. Today she is definitely a more mature woman, but otherwise she is always identical to the past. Do you agree?

What should we expect from Mina Settembre?

Very little is missing from the new episodes of Mina Settembre, but everyone is wondering what we should expect from the new episodes. At the moment, it is still to be discovered. In addition to knowing who will choose between Domenico and Claudio, however, the social assistant will see a new character arrive in her life.