From herbal teas to cosmetics, buying habits in herbalist shops

Research carried out by Nomisma presented at Sana 2022

Italians are fond of herbalists: they identify an expert and trusted professional in the herbalist, they reward specialist advice and appreciate the assortment of products. They would like to spend less and be able to shop more online. Consumers are also asking to be more and more informed in order to make informed purchases. This is what emerges from the research on the consumption habits of Italians in herbal shops, carried out by Nomisma for Sana-La Via delle Erbe, an exhibition on herbal medicine organized by the magazine L’Erborista (Gruppo Tecniche Nuove) at the international exhibition of organic and natural closed yesterday at BolognaFiere.

In the last year i66% of consumers between 18 and 65 have purchased at least one herbal product. Of these, more than one in three usually buys at least 2-3 times a month. What do you buy more in herbal medicine? Most customers come in to buy tea and herbal teas, food supplements and cosmetic products for skin and hair care.

Why do you choose herbal medicine?

Why do you choose herbal medicine? According to the research, consumers believe that herbal medicine is a guarantee of quality (36%), allows them to find natural products for personal and home care (42%) and has an excellent quality / price ratio (24%). In particular, half of the interviewees trust the herbalist, 38% consider him an experienced professional.

Strength points

In addition to this, the survey highlights the strengths of consumers’ relationship with herbalists. On the podium the courtesy of the staff (87%), the quality of the products (85%), the assortment of natural cosmetics (69%), followed by the assortment of supplements (65%) and specialist advice (63%). Finally, the assortment of all other products, from natural foods to herbal medicines (61%). The price is instead judged by the majority of the interviewees to be a bit high. There is also a high demand to be able to buy online from the herbalist’s site itself.

In the future, consumers would like to find the advice of a naturopath in herbal medicine (38%), collaboration with farmers / producers in the area (37%) and the personalized creation of cosmetics and perfumes (35%). They are mature consumers but more than 9 out of 10 feel the need to have a more robust and aware knowledge of the subject in all the areas surveyed: phytotherapy, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and interaction between drugs and medicinal plants.