From hospitals to digital, the San Donato Group signs an agreement with Iraq

Vice-President Kamel Ghribi: “The country has withstood very difficult moments and is looking to the future. Italian companies can play a role in the relaunch”

From the management of public hospitals to strategic consultancy and support for the implementation of some fundamental areas for the transformation of the health system, such as the introduction of social health insurance, the opening of new health facilities and digitization. These are some of the fronts on which the collaboration between the San Donato Group (GSD), the GKSD investment holding and the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, on the one hand, and the Iraqi Ministry of Health on the other, will develop. The mission led by Kamel Ghribi, GSD vice president and president of GKSD, during which a summit meeting was held with the Iraqi prime minister, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and other representatives of his government, has just ended. And a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Ministry of Health which establishes the collaboration between the parties in a series of areas concerning health.

The Memorandum also contemplates the launch of a training program aimed at health professionals, doctors, nurses, managers and technicians, with the possibility of exchange between the two countries, with the aim of strengthening the quality of care and technological innovation, with particular attention to high clinical complexity. The Iraqi mission – the group explains – is part of the health diplomacy program that Ghribi, together with the San Donato Group and Gksd, pursues in the belief that this channel of collaboration between countries, including through private players, can strategically contribute to positioning Italian companies even more effectively globally.

It is a process which – the GSD continues – has received a boost precisely in the health sector: in Iraq the commitment between the parties has also translated into the decision to quickly launch a task force to implement what was agreed. The prime minister has given his “full endorsement and support” to this task force and to the desire to strengthen relations with Italy, starting with and through health care. “The meeting with the Iraqi prime minister has strengthened my conviction of how much health care is an essential part in launching or consolidating relations between states – comments Ghribi – The potential of this extraordinary country, which has been able to resist very difficult moments and which now looks to the future with renewed optimism by focusing on stability and security, are also potential for Italian companies that can play a crucial role in the reconstruction and revitalization of Iraq”.

“The quality and variety of the Italian productive fabric is able to fully grasp the innumerable opportunities that present themselves today and that will last over time”, highlights Ghribi.

During the mission, the Italian delegation made up of managers, doctors, researchers and professionals from Gksd, the San Donato Group and the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University met, in addition to the Minister of Health, Saleh Mahdi Al-Hasnaoui, also the Minister of ‘Electricity, Ziad Ali Fadhil, and Oil Minister, Hayan Abdul-Ghani.