From Ikea furniture for the game world

Ikea, the world-famous Swedish furniture house, has launched a line of desks, chairs and accessories dedicated to video game enthusiasts. The new assortment includes six lines for about thirty products. Only some of these were designed with Rog, the others were developed based on the data acquired thanks to the partnership with Asus. The desks have a nice design and the easy chairs are very comfortable. And then the costs are very competitive. At Ikea, they promise that these new products will help users improve their gaming performance.

Ikea and Rog, a perfect match

Laura Schiatti, Ikea Italia country marketing manager, tells Sky TG24: “The collaboration with Rog was born because Ikea understood that there was a great market potential: in fact, there are more than 2.5 billion gamers in the world, therefore a rather high target. But Ikea does not have the competence regarding this specific world. For this reason we have chosen the top. Rog is one of the most important players in the world. Together we studied what the needs of consumers really were. we have developed useful products to simplify the life of gamers “.

A performing station

Laura Schiatti continues: “To have high performance you need to have everything under control and everything must be simple to use. The attention to detail has been really high and in this way the player has everything he needs at his disposal in the best possible way. it allows him to focus more on the game and thus to improve his performance. “

The “double game” of Ikea

It is said that appetite comes with eating, but here without a doubt it comes with playing. Yes, because with Ikea at this point the game is double, first you have fun assembling the station between instructions, bolts and screws and then you play with your favorite titles and consoles.