From January to today 1,820 calls to Telefono Rosa, 25% in summer

Complete the Refuge Houses managed by the Association and the two semi-autonomous houses. The president of the Association: “With the isolation of August, conditions are created for the increase in cases, as occurred during the lockdown”

There have been 1820 calls received by Telefono Rosa from January to today, 746 relating to cases of violence. These are the data that the association for the protection of women has provided Adnkronos. The women followed by the criminal and civil lawyers of the Telefono Rosa are 523, those followed by the psychologists 536. And 25% of the women who turned to the association during 2022, did so in the months of June, July and August.

“In fact, in the summer the conditions are created for the increase in cases of violence against women. In fact, by loosening contacts with the outside world, friends, family and / or colleagues – explains Gabriella Carnieri Moscatelli, president of Telefono Rosa to the Adnkronos – it becomes much more difficult to express the need for help from the victims. To demonstrate how much isolation affects the increase in cases of domestic violence, it is enough to analyze what emerged during the months of lockdown. Similarly, the summer period, implying a prolonged sharing of spaces with the perpetrator frequently determines not only an increase in the number of episodes of violence itself, but also their aggravation “.

In recent months, the Telefono Rosa has received several requests for safety measures, it is true that both the Refuge Houses managed by the Association, as well as the two semi-autonomous houses, are fully booked. “During the summer vacation period, sharing spaces with the violent partner also generates difficulties in contacting the services – Moscatelli reiterates – this also makes us reflect on the number of women who have managed to contact the Association. How could it have varied That 25%? More than ever, targeted campaigns are needed to ensure that women ask for help immediately. The problem is that the woman who suffers violence is very often isolated, she does not know who to turn to, the steps to take and the information is important that we manage to get as many women as possible so that they know that, in case of need, there are points of reference to turn to “.

“It is essential to make women understand, with rich advertising campaigns, that there is something before they get to their throats, in an emergency. We have adopted free self-help groups, held in our case by a psychologist, where in the in the same context there are women victims of similar violence. In this way a bond is created between them that allows them to see things differently, because they are not alone. Very often the woman is ashamed, she is afraid of being judged, in that context is serene, calm because she knows that in that context she will never be judged “.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)