From Men and women at the altar: “We get married on December 7”, wonderful news for fans of the couple

From Men and women at the altar: “We’re getting married on December 7”, wonderful news for fans of the couple born in Maria De Filippi’s show.

How many loves have we seen born in the study of Men and women In all these years? It is impossible to answer with an exact number, since many couples have formed thanks to the transmission of Maria De Filippi.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

For some, the idyll did not last long and the relationship did not continue for long away from the cameras, but many, thanks to Men and Women, have found the love of a lifetime. This is the case of Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini, who met eight years ago, are now happily married and expecting their third daughter. But it is also the case of the couple we are talking about today, which is one step away from pronouncing the emotional ‘yes’! The two former protagonists of the Canale 5 program will get married on December 7, 2022, in a very few days. Several faces of the broadcast will also be invited to the wedding, here are all the details.

“We get married on December 7”, wedding coming soon for the couple of Men and Women

The marriage proposal had arrived in the studio, at Men and Women, where they had returned as guests some time after their exit from the scene. For the couple born on TV, however, there were difficult moments and the wedding was canceled due to a health problem that affected the ex lady. today, however, the dream is about to come true and the wedding is really close.

Let’s talk about Luisa Anna Monti and Salvio Calabretta, the two former protagonists of the Over throne who met and fell in love with Men and Women. Program where they returned in 2021 to announce the wedding, but fate played a bad joke on Luisa: the lady had to face a new breast cancer and the couple was forced to postpone the ceremony. Ceremony which, however, is now about to take place, to the delight of the many supporters of this wonderful couple.

As announced by themselves in an interview with the broadcast magazine, the wedding will take place on December 7th, a date they have chosen to allow all the guests to be present, being the bridge of the Immaculate Conception. Guests including several well-known faces of Men and Women, starting from Sabrina Travaglini and Barbara De Santi. The two exes of the Over throne will celebrate the civil ceremony and the symbolic rite respectively.

men and women we marry
Luisa and Salvio (Credits Instagram)

Not only that: they will also be there to celebrate with Luisa and Salvio Valentina Autiero and Roberta Di Padua (the latter is back in the parterre, after a period of hiatus from the programme). In anticipation of the big day, we can only send our best wishes to one of the truest couples born in the show. Much happiness for you!