From men and women to Instagram stars: how has Giulia De Lellis changed over the years?

It was 2016 and Giulia De Lellis participated in Men and Women, then she became the star of Instagram: how has she changed in all these years?

Not only did he find love for men and women, even if today their paths are completely separate, but he found immediate success. It is right after his debut in Maria De Filippi’s dating show that Giulia De Lellis rode the crest of the wave, becoming an Instagram star today.

How has Giulia De Lellis changed from the time of Men and Women to today: will it make a certain effect to see her? Credits: Instagram

Initially a saleswoman and, later, a successful influencer and social media star, Giulia De Lellis has come a long way since she set foot in the studio of Men and women. After that moment, in fact, his life changed dramatically. Full of projects, work to do and lots of new collaborations, the Roman influencer is one of the most loved faces on Instagram. But have you ever wondered how it has changed over the years? At the time of her participation Giulia was very young – not that today she is not yet, mind you, but she is certainly a successful young girl and aware of her potential – but how has she changed? Have a look here!

How has Giulia De Lellis changed from Men and Women to today?

More than 6 years have passed since his participation in Men and Women and Giulia De Lellis continues to be beloved. If today, however, her life is full of work that fully satisfies her, what can we say about her physical transformation. Pamela Petrarolo hasn’t changed at all from the time of Non la rai to today, can we say the same about Giulia De Lellis? Absolutely yes!

At the time of her presentation to Andrea Damante, who still turns out to be unforgettable, the young Giulia was just under twenty years old, yet she immediately made herself known for her strong temperament. Not even her beauty, however, was indifferent. With a veil of makeup, De Lellis easily caught attention with her soap and water beauty. Are you curious to see what she was like at the time? Here she is:

de lellis men and women
Credits: Youtube

Today she is a splendid successful woman, but it cannot be said at all that Giulia De Lellis has changed over time. Sure, she’s definitely more mature now, but otherwise she’s always gorgeous