From Mexico and in a bathing suit, the daughter of Pamela Díaz raised the temperature

Trini Neira He has taken a vacation away from his mother, although he has not revealed if he is with anyone else. It is that Pamela Díaz has stayed in Chile with her daughter Pascuala of hers. Both have visited the “Mega” studios, where the influencer clarified that she has gone to “record some things.” “Here with my Easter,” she wrote on her Instagram feed.

Carito Arregui commented “They are beautiful!!!! Love” and Gala Caldirola “Pretty”. Though pamela He has not given details, this could be related to the news that Sergio Rojas, Paula Escobar and Luis Sandoval gave in the program that is broadcast on Instagram “Que Te lo Digo Yo”. It is about the arrival of a new figure to ‘Mega’.

Luis Sandoval confirmed that the channel would be interested in Pamela Diaz and Chiqui Aguayo are the duo for a program next summer. Currently, they already share the online program “Today is Today”. A few days ago, the famous were guests on “Mucho Gusto” where they talked about their friendship and joked about it. “Hey, can I tell you something? I find that it has nothing to do with what you are doing,” he said. pamela and the comedian replied: “No, if you always find that. We are like the anti-duo”.

Trini Neira is vacationing in Mexico. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

For his part, this Wednesday Trini Neira He made a publication on his Instagram account after two and a half weeks of being absent. ‘Airplane mode’ she titled the post in which she is seen lying on a deck chair wearing a black minidress. “Hermositaaa”, “Alta Diosaa” and “QUE PRECIOSA AMIX” were some of the messages she received.

Trini Neira from the beach. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

In his stories on the camera network, Trini She photographed herself lying on the beach with a sticker of a Mexican flag. She also posed head-on to Young Cister’s song ‘Girls Like You’ in the background. In the last photo, she was photographed sunbathing on her back in a chocolate-colored bathing suit.

Trini Neira posed in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @trini.neira