From Mexico, China Suárez imposes a trend with a pleated miniskirt

China Suarez He is always working, so he spends more time on top of a plane than in a stable place. The actress was filming a special in Qatar for Star +, where she saw some matches of the Argentine National Team. She others she saw them together with Nicolás Cabré, the father of her daughter Rufina, in Argentina.

But now, days later, he is in Mexico, although he has not yet given further details about what he is doing. Despite her busy schedule and sometimes even when she doesn’t know, the China she is always involved in media scandals. A few days ago, Tamara Báez, the ex-partner of the Argentine singer L-Gante, sent her a message to support her.

ChinaDo you remember when I said that you ruined a family? Ha ha ha… Here he ruined an 8-year-old family and a 1-year-old baby. But she also did me a favor, so THANK YOU… Entrepreneur and all you want… But she’s not an example of anything. When I sent him messages while I was in a relationship with him, he denied it, now I see him holding my daughter’s hand. You are 5, go raise your queen… And it’s not hurt, but you have to take out a couple of masks,” said the ex of L-Gante angrily, who would be in a relationship with Wanda Nara.

China Suárez posed in front of the mirror. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

Another famous person who has spoken about her, but in her case attacking her, is Emilia Ferreiro, the girlfriend of Julián Álvarez, the forward of the Argentine National Team. Some users have found messages from her from the time of Wandagate. “Tremendous cynic and plays the victim” and “This mine is a shit” were some of the insults towards China Suarez.

China Suárez posed with her back to the mirror. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In the last few hours, the former Casi Ángeles published on her official Twitter account instagram some photographs from Mexico where she posed with a buttoned blouse and a pleated miniskirt, which will be a trend for 2023. It is a preppy aesthetic, which originated in the preparatory school offered by the Ivy League, made up of private universities oldest and most elite in North America.

China Suárez imposes a trend. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa