From Miami and in a swimsuit, Pamela Díaz was inspired by Pamela Anderson and raised the temperature

Some days ago, Pamela Diaz He left for Miami on a plane and shared it with his millions of followers. “People!!! We embarked on the most modern aircraft fleet in America, to fulfill our dream: Go to the Bad Rabbit concert in Miami. How are you??? I don’t even believe it!!! Haha” she started saying.

This Saturday, August 13, Bad Bunny gave his second concert at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida as part of his World’s Hottest Tour Stadiums 2022 tour. Pamela shared a video of the entire experience along with the text “Another night in Miami Watching the Bad Rabbit people!! Which is your favorite song?? we gave it all! More than 20 thousand fans participated to see here in Miami one of the most anticipated recitals of this year!”.

In this same show, attended by Pamela Diaz, a fan tried to approach Bad Bunny on stage but security personnel tried to stop her, she jumped between the platforms but could not reach the other side and took a hard hit. The model has not spoken about the accident.

Pamela Diaz in Miami. Source: Instagram @pamefierediaz

The driver has also taken advantage of her stay to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches. “Pamela Flanderson takes over Miami. Follow me on my YouTube channel People!” she wrote her and filmed herself running down the beach in a two-piece swimsuit with a black and white letter print. There, she imitated the mitima Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

Pamela Diaz in Miami. Source: Instagram @pamefierediaz

“Wenaaaaa beiwaaaaaaachhh”, “Hahahaha the best” and “Guajajjajajajajjaj! Love it” were some comments. He then also posted photos of her in the same outfit with the caption “Miami Style.” Instagram post of Diaz exceeded 40,000 likes and almost 600 comments. “Wena wenaaaaa” and “A nooooo! How cute … you went too far “were some of them.