From Miami, Luis Miguel’s ex shook the network

The model and dancer Mollie Gould knew how to be a couple Luis Miguel A few years ago but that was left behind, she continued with her life and her career and today she is one of the most followed women on social networks for her beauty and talent. She currently accumulates more than 82 thousand followers from all latitudes who do not lose track of her.

For your huge virtual fandom Mollie Gould shares photos of her best looks, poses, trips, moments with friends and previews of her work as a model for important fashion brands that require her beauty to promote their products, among other things.

Now the ex of Luis Miguel She surprised everyone by posing from the dressing room and in front of the mirror with a glamorous black Mexican hat and a matching glitter mini dress. She covered part of her face, showed her blonde hair and in her selfie she showed all her talent and beauty.

The last photo of Luis Miguel’s ex. Source: instagram @forevermollie

“Accessories” wrote Mollie Gould in your last post. Behind her, movement can be seen in her dressing room, indicating that the model was at work. Immediately the fans of the ex of Luis Miguel, They reacted to the post with thousands of likes and comments.

Mollie Gould. Source: Terra archive

In the reactions of the photo of Mollie Gould Internet users highlight all her beauty and talent to pose for the camera. “Wow”: “Beautiful” ; “Beautifull” ; “Daring look” and “going” were some of the comments that can be read in this publication of the ex of Luis Miguel.