From Miami, the granddaughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez paralyzed the network in an animal print swimsuit

Galilea Lopez Morillo She is the daughter of Liliana Rodríguez and granddaughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez who is not dedicated to the world of music. The young woman is focused on the business world, but she is very active on social networks. She currently has more than 92,000 followers on Instagram with people from different parts of the world.

Some days ago, Galilee He promoted an aesthetic center in his networks in which he retouched his eyelashes and eyebrows. “In the end they see how natural and beautiful they are when they are cured!” she wrote her in the video. It is that without a doubt the young woman who lives in Miami is highly requested by the brands that surround her.

The same thing happened with a well-known brand of leggings that Galilee used for the gym. “Little clips from today’s session” Liliana’s daughter wrote next to the video of the shooting. “Epaaaaaa hijaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I need that to get up, you know what!” her mother wrote to him. Her grandmother, Lila Morillo, was proud of her granddaughter. “Esoooooooo that butt is morillo !!!!!!!” she commented.

In the last hours, the granddaughter of Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez shared a video with “recent moments where all I felt was happiness,” said the young woman. And she added: “I appreciate the little moments, in time, they tend to mean more.” There she is seen with her pets and her friends.

In some parts of the clip, Galilee She wore a two-piece animal print swimsuit, ideal for girls her age. “Hey beautiful, have a great week” and “That is really a beauty!!” were some of the messages she received.