From Noa to her 85-year-old grandmother: the stories of the people kidnapped by Hamas militiamen

According to figures reported by the Jewish authorities, over 100 hostages were captured by Hamas fighters after the attack launched on Saturday against Israel. But other sources also speak of “750 missing”. Among them is Noa, a young girl torn from her boyfriend’s embrace and taken away on a motorcycle from a rave where, according to witnesses, there were 260 dead. And there is an elderly woman, 85, whose granddaughter threw a desperate plea for liberation. Many of the faces involved have appeared on social networks, where photos and videos of the various kidnappings conducted by Hamas have already been published, with violence against men, women and children, all taken from their homes and forcibly transferred to the Gaza Strip. “This is my grandmother and she was captured and taken to Gaza,” Adva Adar wrote on her website, posting her image. “Her name is Yaffa Adar and she is 85 years old.” (ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR, LIVE NEWS)

The Israeli child kidnapped and bullied by his Palestinian peers

Then there is the story of an entire family, whose fate appeared in a video shared by Ynetnews journalist Emily Schrader, made up of husband, wife and two children who can be seen sitting on the floor in the house, held hostage by the militiamen Palestinians. The eldest daughter was killed in the Hamas raid. “I wanted him to live, is there a chance he will come back?”, the little brother asked his mother. “No,” is the icy reply. In another video, also appearing on the Internet, we see an Israeli child taken to Gaza while he is mocked by other Palestinian peers. He is teased, a stick is waved near his face. “Say ima, ima, ima’ (“mama” in Hebrew),” the other children say in chorus. “To keep the conflict alive, they want to spread hatred to the next generations,” we read among the social comments.

Noa and the others

There are many stories, all painful. There is that of Yoni Asher who denounced the Hamas raid on Saturday evening while his wife, together with his two daughters Aviv and Raz, aged 3 and 5, were in her mother-in-law’s house, in Kibbutz Nir Oz. Thanks to the geolocation service of the woman’s phone, Yoni managed to track down the smartphone in Khan Younis, a city located south of Gaza. Thus having confirmation of the woman’s condition. Among the reports relating to the many kidnapped from a rave held at Kibbutz Reim, near the border with Gaza, there is that relating to Noa Argamani, a 25-year-old who appeared in a video in which she was taken away by Hamas militiamen during the event . She is seen begging for her life while sitting on the back of a motorcycle. “Don’t kill me! No, no, no,” she shouts in fear. Her boyfriend also suffers the same fate. A 26-year-old British citizen, Jake Marlowe, is also missing from the same party, as well as a young German woman, Shani Louk, whose mother asked for her release in a desperate video that also appeared on social media. “Send us any news,” she implores, holding up the smartphone that shows a photo of her daughter. Here, again, are some relatives of the rave hostages who report having been “abandoned” by the authorities. Among them Ora Kuperstein who would like to hear from her 21-year-old nephew Bar. “Nobody told us anything. Nobody is helping us. It’s chaos,” she denounced. Among the hostages, there were also 11 Thais, two Mexicans and also several Americans and Germans.