From oncologists, thanks to Eleonora Giorgi: “VIP outing on cancer useful for everyone”

The president of the Italian Medical Oncology Association Cinieri: “This way patients feel less alone. The Angelina Jolie phenomenon has led many women to undergo screening”

The choice of sports, entertainment and political figures to make the diagnosis of a tumor public “is useful to everyone, makes patients feel less alone and encourages the spread of screening and information necessary for prevention”. As Saverio Cinieri, president of the Italian Medical Oncology Association (Aiom) who, for this, thanks and sends his best wishes to Eleonora Giorgi who spoke about her illness, pancreatic cancer, in a television interview. “This helps people realize that cancer affects everyone, it affects all strata of our society, patients feel less alone.”

“I am always in favor of coming out in these situations, we all remember the Angelina Jolie phenomenon, recently brought to the fore by Bianca Balti, with respect to the information on BRCA1 alterations and the risks of developing certain types of breast and ovarian cancer. The fact talking about it has led many women to undergo screening, many women to investigate their familiarity, many women to undertake prevention. The positive consequences of coming out are important”, adds Cinieri.

Precisely for this reason, “for the inaugural ceremony of the fiftieth anniversary of Aiom I wanted on stage – together with the winners, the medical oncologists, the institutions – there were three testimonials of how cancer can be managed, how it can be cured: Carolyn Smith, Giovanni Tommaso who is the founder of the jazz group Perigeo and Albano Carrisi. All this also consolidates the link between the world of oncology, the world of entertainment and sport which helps us to better inform the population”.