From Paris, José Antonio Neme spoke about his judicial situation: “I will abide by what justifies her decision”

José Antonio Neme, Diana Bolocco and Roberto Saa face an arrest warrant for not appearing to testify in the complaint for libel filed by Cathy Belly against Paulina de Allende-Salazar. From Paris, where he is on vacation, the host of “Mucho Gusto” clarified his judicial situation in conversation with The time.

José Antonio Neme defended himself against the arrest warrant against him and explained that he did not appear to testify as a witness because he was in France at the time. “I left the country on April 1 for a very long and far trip that I had planned several months ago and I did not receive any notification,” said the communicator in conversation with La Hora.

The animator assured that, even if he had received the notification, he would have excused himself due to commitments he already had in France. “I had some commitments there many months ago. So I should have rescheduled my statement”Neme added.

Regarding his current situation, Neme affirmed that he has already contacted his lawyer and sent him the background of his trip so that they can be presented to the courts. “Well, I’m going to abide by what justifies her decision no more”concluded the animator.

And hopefully, as there is speed and concern and the level of diligence so that these things are clarified, the silver frill that is missing in the municipalities in Chile will be clarified

Cathy Barriga, former mayor of Maipú, filed a lawsuit for libel against Paulina de Allende-Salazar due to an article published in the magazine “Saturday”.

Neme, Bolocco and Saa were supposed to testify as witnesses in this case, but they did not appear, which led to the arrest warrant against them. The judicial situation of those involved is still developing and it is expected that there will be more news in the coming days.