From people to the territory, Rdr’s commitment in its first Sustainability Report

The sector-leading company from Campania specializes in the design, construction, management, maintenance, commissioning and operation of aqueduct works and water treatment plants

Rdr Sps, a company with more than 270 employees, 8 operating offices, a growing turnover of around 50 million euros, presents its first sustainability report, after becoming a benefit company in November 2022. The leading Campania company in the sector, specialized in the design, construction, management, maintenance, commissioning and operation of aqueduct works and water treatment plants, has taken steps to take this first step forward which reflects the constant commitment to promote the well-being of its workers, the environment and the community in which it is present.

The 2023 Sustainability Report reflects Rdr’s commitment to creating an inclusive, positive and environmentally conscious work environment. “In this first year, we have paid particular attention to the well-being and happiness of our employees – he explains Alessandro Di Ruocco, president of Rdr Spa Sb – From the organization of leisure and socializing moments such as the family day, a special event dedicated to the families of employees, to the free canteen that offers healthy and balanced meals to promote well-being and correct nutrition, up to the introduction of Wellbeing policies -Being and Work Life Balance, to help employees reconcile professional and personal commitments, thus improving their work-life balance. These are first steps, there is still a lot to do and improve especially in terms of environmental sustainability. We want to involve all our suppliers in a process of continuous and sustainable growth, constantly improving and innovating solutions and services to protect a fundamental resource such as water”.

Thanks to the contribution of the Ruocco Foundation, created by the will of the founder of the company Francesco Di Ruocco, commercial synergies have also been created with the activities present in the Rdr places for the benefit of employees, promoting partnerships with local companies to offer discounts and exclusive advantages, team building activities and, again, activities for the training and information of the new generations. During the last year, Rdr has invested heavily in the health and safety of workers, through preventive and informative measures thanks to which, together with scrupulous controls, there have been no cases of accidents or serious injuries in the workplace.

Safety and health go hand in hand with training. In fact, more than 3,500 hours of transversal training are provided to employees and three very young resources entered into relations with the company in 2022 thanks to the Rdr for Your Institute project, a path for transversal skills and orientation (Pcto ), developed by Rdr in synergy with some of the technical institutes of the territories in which it operates, with the aim of training specialist figures in the field of electromechanics, increasingly in demand by the market today.

In addition to the initiatives in favor of employees and people, RdrSpa Sb has also adopted a series of measures to promote environmental sustainability. Actions have been taken to reduce energy consumption and optimize the use of resources and although these actions represent only the beginning of the path that will lead the company to impact less and less on the environment, work has begun on this aspect by putting regime a solar energy system to partially satisfy the company’s energy needs and the modernization of the company vehicle fleet, replacing them with less polluting vehicles with reduced consumption. Furthermore, continuous communication flows have been activated with the stakeholders, based on the sharing of information and motivation towards the themes of ecology and integral economy, and strategic partnerships have been established with customers and suppliers in order to promote sustainability throughout the supply chain.

“We are really proud to present our first Sustainability Report – he adds the CEO of Rdr Luca Serena – Reflects our constant commitment to the well-being of our employees, collaboration with our suppliers and customers, the environment and attention to the local area. As a company, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility, and we will continue to work with dedication to create a sustainable future for all, to be a point of reference for the community and the territories in which we operate”.