From Poste Italiane a new bond fund

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Poste Italiane, through the savings management company BancoPosta Fondi SGR, has launched a new bond fund with income distribution which aims to benefit from the current yield on bonds, mainly Italian. It’s about BancoPosta Italy Bond 6 years II, a new product that focuses on investment opportunities linked to the current level of interest rates in Italy, to be seized through professional management capable of actively selecting, purchasing, maintaining and monitoring a portfolio of securities, mainly Italian, up to at their natural expiry. Funding from Poste Italiane’s new investment product will be directed towards a diversified portfolio of primarily Italian government and corporate bonds (at least 70% of assets), with a predefined time horizon of approximately 6 years (until 30 June 2029 ) and with the distribution of an annual income (in the first 4 years with a minimum level of 2.5% and a maximum level of 4% of the initial value of the share of 5 euro and in the 5th year with a variable income). The placement period ends on 14 June 2023, unless early closure which will be communicated on the website