From Puerto Rico, Rosalía paralyzed the network in a swimsuit

Last Friday, September 9, Rosalia filled the Coliseo de Puerto Rico with his tour “Motomami World Tour”. “It’s music that inspires me a lot, thanks to this music here, there are many songs that have been born from Motomami,” the Catalan artist told her audience.

As expected, Rosalia He made reference to his partner, the Puerto Rican urban singer Rauw Alejandro, who was born in that country: “Besides, the love of my life is from here.” Let’s remember that despite the separation rumors that were once spread, the lovebirds are better than ever.

In the last few hours, Motomami shared a series of photos from the country of the “love of her life”. “2 more piñas COLADAS and we have already started the US at URRRRRRRRR jjjj” wrote the artist on her official Instagram account Instagram, in which it already exceeds 22 million followers. And it is that according to documents provided by the Caribe Hilton Hotel to Efe, the Puerto Rican barman Ramón “Monchito” Marrero signed a certificate accrediting himself as the creator of the first piña colada in San Juan on July 10, 1954.

Rosalia in Puerto Rico. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

In several of the images, Rosalia posed in a chocolate-colored swimsuit, with which she showed that she looks more beautiful than ever. She also accompanied her beach look with a biker and a coat of the same color. Although she didn’t show her face, she does see a man’s arm in the photos, which of course is Rauw Alejandro.

Rosalia in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt

The post quickly surpassed 600,000 likes and 2,200 comments. “My MOTOMAMI”, “I have the same book, how beautiful”, “La Motomadreeeee” and “Mamiiiiiii, you are beautiful” were some of the messages she received Rosalia.

Rosalia with Rauw Alejandro. Source: Instagram @rosalia.vt