From stalking to feminicide, ‘Priya’ is born, the pool of lawyers for victims

‘Priya’ is born, the pool of lawyers led by Gianluca Arrighi who will fight against all forms of gender violence. The pool of criminal lawyers will assist victims of crimes such as stalking, sexual violence, child abuse, enslavement, child prostitution and pornography, family abuse, up to feminicide. “After twenty-five years spent in the courtroom – explained Arrighi – I decided to use my professional experience to protect the weakest people. Too often, in the many judicial cases I have dealt with, I have seen physical, sexual and psychological abuse leave devastating and indelible wounds on the victims of crimes. Gender violence is still a huge problem in our society and as a man of law, husband and father of two daughters I could no longer remain indifferent. In Italy, also thanks to the recent introduction of the so-called ‘Red Code’, we are doing a lot and important regulatory provisions have been introduced to increase protection for the weakest subjects, but it is never enough.”

“To free ourselves from violence – concluded the criminalist and writer – we need to use all our strength every day. This is the reason why ‘Priya’ was born, whose name derives from the heroine who is the protagonist of an Indian graphic novel and who fights against all forms of gender violence”.