From the abyss to the space, 7 entrepreneurs selected for the GammaDonna award

The finalists will compete for recognition for innovative female entrepreneurship from the stage of the Italian Tech Week

From submarine wireless communication protocols, to high-performance products for the new space frontier. From artificial intelligence in symbiosis with the work of translators, to the online psychological support platform. That’s what 7 o’clock is about
of the GammaDonna award 2022, which has enhanced the innovative female entrepreneurial initiative since 2004. The businesswomen
finalists they also deal with the transformation of rice processing waste to obtain organic materials for construction, sustainable e-commerce that enhances handmade Made in Italy, excellence in molding in the automotive and nautical sectors.

With the aim of helping to reduce the gender gap, the GammaDonna award team announced today that they have selected the seven women driving
businesses operating in very different sectors but united by a tangible propensity for sustainability and innovation. They are Isabelle Andrieu from Translated in Rome, Martina Capriotti from Mirta in Milan, Danila De Stefano from Unobravo from Naples, Anna Gregorio from Picosats from Trieste, Tiziana Monterisi from Ricehouse from Biella, Claudia Persico from Persico Group from Nembro, in the province of Bergamo, and Chiara Petrioli of WSense in Rome.

These 7 entrepreneurs will compete from the stage of the Italian Tech Week on GammaDonna Award for lfemale entrepreneurship
innovative, next September 30th. The winner of the GammaDonna 2022 Award will win, among other things, a mini-documentary on her history of innovation and a strategic assessment session and permanent access to the EY Velocity platform for the construction and enhancement of a strategic growth plan. . The winner will also have the opportunity to be selected for training for the screening process of the Angels4Women Committee for access to an investment between 100 and 500K, together with a Business Class course on extraordinary finance ‘Finance is Cool’ by GammaWoman.