From the bathroom and in KARAOKE mode, Karol G surprises her fans and says "I loved the photo peeing"

the urban artist Carolina Giraldo Navarroartistically known as Carol G. He once again used his Instagram account to surprise his 5.8 million fans. On this occasion the “Bichota” was shown from a very stylish bathroom and of course it was immediately filled with comments and likes.

Along with the set of snapshots, the singer of Catwoman accompanied the publication with the caption “KaraOke TimE… Follow the lyrics of the songOOOn (heart emojis)” and added “pdTa: I loved the photo peeing”

“I miss them a lot, well! Muaaaaaaaaaa,” he closed.

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One of the publications is a video in which the song that Karol G presented as his new production for a few months is heard in the background and about it the users of the camera’s social network began to respond in the comments with fragments of the song.

As was to be expected, the comments did not wait and from famous men and women to ordinary people they joined to leave their records and pieces of the song.

One of the celebrities who commented was the actress Mia Khalifa who told him “Protect her at all costs”, while in general the users left fragments of the song “We didn’t work, we gave it our all but it didn’t give us that’s why we’re leaving, but before we leave… Let’s do it for the last Once, baby, not in love, but in bed we understand each other is a porno…”