From the bathtub, Yailin La Más Viral raised the temperature

Since Yailin the most Viral Y Anuel AA They got married, they are still one of the most mediatic couples of the moment. The Dominican came to the life of the interpreter of “China” to dethrone Karol G and on his side, the rapper draws attention to his current physical appearance, in which he lost a lot of weight.

Yailin the most viral seems to be responsible for her new husband looking several pounds underweight. The accusations are because her resounding weight loss began at the moment in which Anuel AA He decided to get engaged and then marry a little over a month ago, with the Dominican singer.

personally yailin, It has no negative change and every day it looks more beautiful and radiant. However, haters exist and recently in the different social networks, as soon as photographs of both artists mounted on a jet ski became known, the body of the woman born in the Dominican Republic was questioned for having cellulite and even some bruises.

Yailin from the bathtub. Source: instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

On the other hand, days ago, Yailin The Most Viral conquered her huge fandom on Instagram of more than six million followers, and was shown taking an investment bath, accompanied by Anuel AA, to whom I dedicate some nice words in what was a very replicated post.

Yailin and Anuel from the bathtub. Source: instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

With more than 850 thousand likes, the posting of Yailin The Most Viralon the social network of the little camera, was a success and got love in the comment box, from many of his followers, who seem to be the opposite face of those who only cared about his physique in previous photos.

Yailin from the bathtub. Source: instagram @yailinlamasviralreal