From the beach, China Suárez shows what is the perfect swimsuit for the heat

China Suarez she has been separated from her partner Rusherking for a few weeks. Both published the decision they had made on their networks, but their fans continue to speculate about the reasons for the breakup and even try to think of a future reconciliation, although neither of them gives true indications of it.

Rusherking released just hours ago the preview of his latest song called ‘Intensity’. “Sorry for the intensity, I think about you more than I write to you, I must learn to forget, but you are very inside of me, last night I went out and drank to forget…” is heard in one of the verses. Of course, there were already those who thought that it was dedicated to China Suarez.

Rusherking answered indirectly on his social networks. “What a handle to get Intensity I have kept it for a year and to the pu… mother” she wrote on her Twitter account and immediately reposted her clarification from her instagram Stories, to make it clear to his followers that he is not dedicated to the former ‘Casi Ángeles’.

For her part, the ex of Benjamín Vicuña recently shared a video on her TikTok account, where she has almost a million followers. “In loop with this song” he wrote the China while Young Miko’s “Riri” played in the background. She is from the Puerto Rican rapper, singer and songwriter who, at only 25 years old, is the new idol of Gen Z.

The Argentine actress posed from the beach in the perfect swimsuit for the heat: two-piece black with gold buckles. “I deeply admire how strong you are”, “I admire you like this, I like to see you well” and “This is how I want to see you beautiful, always shining. I hug you and admire you. I send you a lot of light” were some of the messages he received the China.