From the beach, Luis Miguel’s ex eclipsed the network with a tight swimsuit

From September 9 to 14, New York Fashion Week will be held, one of the most important events in the world of fashion around the world, in which Mollie Gould will be part There, more than 100 brands will have the opportunity to show their proposals for the season on the catwalk.

the ex of Luis Miguel She has not yet announced which part she will be in, but once again she will be part and she is anxious, as she has shown in her stories. This year, before the official program begins, she is back on New York Men’s Day, the initiative that brings together different men’s fashion designers.

Mollie prepares for New York Fashion Week. Source: Instagram @forevermollie

Before the big fashion event of the year, Mollie Gould She has been relaxed from the beach through the network of the little camera. From there, she posed showing off her great figure in a tight two-piece swimsuit in army green and has left her fans speechless.

Mollie Gould in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @forevermollie

For its part, Luis Miguel It has been in the news in recent days since the Dominican actor Andrés García revealed that the brides were “exchanged” with the Sun of Mexico. “I wouldn’t say that I would lower him (a girlfriend), nor would he me, but we exchanged,” he replied while enjoying a meal in Acapulco.

Mollie Gould from the beach. Source: Instagram @forevermollie

Although currently Andrés García and Luis Miguel They do not have a very close relationship, for years they maintained very close ties since the actor was very close to Luisito Rey and his entire family. That is why it is said that he influenced the first steps of the interpreter of “Suave” in the world of music.