From the beach, Mayte Rodríguez demonstrates how to wear a burgundy swimsuit this season

Mayte Rodriguez is a famous 34-year-old model and actress, recognized in Chiliboth for her professional work and for her romances with famous men. Mayte He usually lights up social media by posting photos and videos that he shares with his followers.

A common setting for his photos and videos are dream landscapes with the beach as the protagonist. Mayte Rodriguez He seems to greatly enjoy his getaways to the beach to recharge his batteries under the sun, where he frequently takes advantage of photo shoots that he then publishes on instagram.

The famous actress, native of Santiago de Chile, has become over the years a benchmark of style and elegance in the world of fashion. With a career in acting that began at the age of 12, the performer has stood out for her work in soap operas, series, films, as a presenter in a documentary, and even in her repeated participation in advertisements for different brands.

Mayte Rodríguez enjoys the beach. Source: Instagram @mmayte_rodriguez

The fans of Mayte Rodriguez They were able to enjoy once again a publication by the model in instagram. The beautiful actress shared a short video where she can be seen relaxed and happy on a day at the beach, where she showed off her surprising beauty and enviable figure.

In the publication, Mayte Rodriguez She received a flood of affectionate messages and compliments about her beauty and physique. Both her fans and her followers expressed her admiration for the model and actress with thousands of likes and comments.

The video, published less than a day ago, caused its followers They surrendered to the daughter of Carolina Arreguiby highlighting the sensual swimsuit embroidered that Mayte Rodriguez She looked even with white knit pants that showed off her bikini bottom.

Apparently, the video published by the actress and model is part of a promotional campaign for her future swimsuit collection. The entrepreneurship of Mayte Rodriguezknown as COVAalready presents an official account of instagram own although swimsuitsare not yet available for purchase.