From the beach, Mayte Rodríguez imposes style in a tight and youthful swimsuit

For several days now mayte rodriguez He is on vacation, since he publishes daily videos and photographs in paradisiacal beaches. There he is enjoying the days off with his partner Camilo and his son Galo. The boy still does not show his face on the screen and sometimes this is a reason for criticism for his followers.

“Not even the Kardashians cover their children so much,” a follower commented on a video where she sees mayte rocking her son with her back to the camera. Although Carolina Arregui’s daughter did not explain it, she did, a fan. “Okay, there’s so much evil in the world, it’s okay that you cover your children, that’s how it should be with all the little ones,” she defended her idol.

In a video of the beautiful landscapes you are enjoying mayte, added the lyrics ‘It’s you’ by Carla Morrison. “Today I woke up wanting to kiss you. I have a thirst to caress you. Entangle me with you and not let go. You are so intoxicating. It’s you, huh It’s you, uh ”were the words that she famously wrote on the clip. “Afternoon beings” she wrote making a play on words.

Another of the videos he posted on his account instagram, with more humor and less spirituality, was where she is seen showing off her silhouette in a gold-colored swimsuit with sequins and rings, very youthful, by the way. “The music that she listened to before being a mother,” she wrote and Becky G and Rosalía played in the background.

As a contrast, he added “The music I hear now from mommy” and let ‘La vaca Lola’ play in the background. “Does anyone else identify?” She asked him mayte to his followers. In the comments he wrote: “The best thing was all the new music data: the Zenon farm luli pampin the chocolo dog captain topa cocomelon, new hits are coming.”