From the beach: Nadia Ferreira showed off her baby bump in a string dress, ideal for future moms

Nadia Ferreira it is beautiful by nature. But the last few months of her pregnancy have been good for her as she looks radiant in anticipation of her baby. Although the celebrities have not confirmed the sex of the baby, their followers presume from the photos that it is a boy. “That tummy belongs to a man”, “that is going to be a man because of the shape of the tummy” some users commented.

Javier Ceriani, the host of the “Gossip no like” program, also agreed with Internet users. “Apparently what is running very strong in Paraguay is that this girl Nadia… (she would be expecting) a little boy (…) another child. This is running in Paraguay already in the intimate circle of the Paraguayan family of the wife of Mark Anthony. Let’s see if she sings salsa or doesn’t sing salsa,” she expressed.

Judging by the size of the belly of Nadia, some fans have already begun to speculate about when the first child of both will be born. It is believed that the baby will be born in June of this 2023. It is that in recent days, Miss Paraguay has been publishing several photographs showing off her baby bump.

Nadia Ferreira in a linen dress, fresh and comfortable. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

His last publication was titled “Peace, love and happiness”. Nadia Ferreira She posed in profile in a pink bathing suit and a string dress in pink and orange tones. This genre fits the body perfectly, so it is ideal for future moms to look beautiful but comfortable at the same time, especially in this final part of the pregnancy that is uphill.

Nadia Ferreira fell in love from the beach. Source: Instagram @nadiaferreira

“That your son/daughter inherits 99.9% of his mother’s beauty and above all arrives in good health”, “My favorite Artist that skinny being an excellent singer is very Charismatic now with that Precious Wife God bless you” and ” That glow that is talked about so much, I see you and it’s real” were just some of the messages that the wife of Mark Anthony.