From the beach, Pamela Díaz raised the temperature in a bathing suit

Pamela the beast Diaz He is enjoying a vacation in Cancun, or at least that was the goal. Today she shared a photo on his Instagram with greetings to his followers, with a bikini that left everyone speechless and a drink in hand. The description of the post read: “A salud?? por mi people..??” While he blows a kiss to the camera.

Pamela Diaz. Source: Instagram @pamelafieradiaz

Pamela Diaz He spent Christmas in Chile, and then traveled with his partner Jean Philippe Cretton, and his daughter Pascuala, to spend a vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, more precisely in Cancun. There the eldest daughter of the cheerleader, Trinidad Neira, was already waiting for them.

Pamela Diaz. Source: Instagram @pamelafieradiaz

But according to what they let us see in their stories, both Trinidad, Pamela and JP, the weather would be ruining their vacations. They showed how they have been suffering from cloudy and rainy days, and apparently Trinidad Neira He already wants to return, so he made it known in his stories, counting the days until his return, he announced that he has 4 remaining to spend in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean wind. Pamela and J.P. Source: Instagram @pamelafieradiaz

for his part Pamela Diaz He shared in his stories funny moments of laughter with JP who cannot believe the weather that is happening to them. “What is happening?” Pamela asked in a video that she shared in her stories. “THERE IS NO SUN” she said, “No, and you put the video in black and white so that the misfortune is not noticed, but… we are yetas Jean-Philippe commented as they walked through the hotel. Whereas to this day they continue to laugh about it, while showing the approaching clouds in the background.

The storm is coming. Source: Instagram @pamelafieradiaz.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the trip they also experienced an inconvenience. And it is that Pamela Diaz He decided to take his youngest daughter, Pascuala, with him. But apparently his father, Fernando Téllez, delayed in granting permission to his ex-partner, so that he could take their daughter out of the country. Despite everything, it seems that they are having a great time as a family. And Pamela Díaz celebrated in her stories that her podcast “today is today” reached 7th place in Spotify’s top 10 of the most listened to podcast category in Chile.