From the beach, the granddaughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez raised the temperature in a swimsuit

The family of Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez It has always been controversial. It is that the Venezuelan singer does not have a good relationship with his two eldest daughters: Liliana and Lilibeth. The first one this week made headlines because he left the set of the program at work called ‘Sit down who can’.

It is that these last days, the challenge of immunity fell on the Ecuadorian presenter Alejandra Jaramillo, who presented a report and moved the audience. This caused Liliana to leave the set in the middle of the recording. the daughter of Cougar He gave his explanations on his Instagram account.

“Out of respect for all viewers, my family and my fans, I was forced to leave the set of ‘Sit down who can’ in the middle of the recording,” he wrote. Liliana Rodriguez in an official statement in which he pointed out: “The God I believe in makes me a head and not a tail. And although I have the humility necessary to ask for forgiveness, I also have the courage to give myself respect. Her daughter supported her by leaving a comment “And more nothing! What arechaaaa you are”.

Some days ago, Galilee shared a video titled “Summary of St. Petersburg”. “It’s like clockwork, as soon as the week after the trip arrives, I start to wish I could snap my fingers and relive these moments again, but for now I will continue to relive them in my heart,” she wrote in her post.

And he confessed “One thing that has made me realize living in TN is that I will ALWAYS be happier near the ocean! UNTIL NEXT TIME, FL (coming soon!).” in the clip, Galilee She wore different swimsuits from the beach: black and pink with light blue. In addition, she accompanied her looks with sunglasses. The publication exceeded 195 likes and 7 comments. “Hello, hello, hello beautiful” was one of the messages that she left visible.