From the beach, Trini Neira raised the temperature in a bathing suit

Trini Neira He traveled to Cancun in mid-December to rest for a few days. “A while far away” she wrote on her networks realizing that he enjoyed being alone with herself. Days later, the host of the “Today is today” podcast joined her eldest daughter along with Pascuala, the youngest in the family.

After family vacation pamela He traveled to the city of Chiloé where Jean Phillipe Cretton was. The driver of Minute to Win is in love with nature and the outdoors, which is why he had chosen that place to rest a bit. “Dear people, I came to the sect where Jean-Philippe was hiding all this time. There he is, look at his beard, it has grown a lot, he is another man, ”commented La Fiera.

pamela she also revealed which celebrity she would “let” her boyfriend cheat on her with. “People asked Jean if she would cheat on me and what famous thing would she do with” she began by saying. Then the Beast explained that Cretton likes Beyoncé and that if she came to her door, she would allow him to be unfaithful as long as the brunette has a permit afterwards.

Trini Neira from the beach. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

On the other hand, in the last hours Trini she showed off her figure from the sand in Costa Mujeres, a destination in full development just 15 kilometers north of the hotel zone of Cancun. “Tell me where we go after the beach” she wrote in the post, where she is seen relaxing wearing a two-piece swimsuit in green and turquoise.

Trini Neira in a bikini in Cancun. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

The publication of instagram It garnered thousands of likes and comments. Although the “likes” were hidden by the young woman, she did reveal some messages that she received. “To eat a complete haha”, “Precious! Where are your bikinis from?”, “A mermaid” and “It’s that you go too far!” were just some of them.