From the beach, Trini Neira sets the trend with a colorful swimsuit

Pamela Diaz She is very active on her social media. She currently has 2.7 million followers on her official Instagram account alone. In recent times, multiple rumors had emerged that La Fiera had tired of Jean Philippe Cretton’s depression, which would have led them to bankruptcy.

To dispel the rumours, pamela He shared a photograph last Sunday, where he posed with the CHV communicator. In the background, the song titled “Our Love” sounded. Jean Philippe also shared a video of both of them along with the text: “Today there are eggs… where Pamela Diaz is, and they entrusted me with the mission that I like the most… to make a little fire.”

For her part, the daughter of La Fiera has also been more in love than ever. Trini Neira He is in a relationship with the urban artist Bastián Muñoz, with whom he shares postcards together on a daily basis. She recently took a few days of vacation in Purén, a town located in the south of Chile.

Trini Neira from the beach. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

Some days ago Trini He uploaded a photo of his partner and Bad Bunny’s hit sounded in the background, whose chorus says: “And if the day gets ugly, you make it beautiful for me. I no longer ask for any more wishes, I have everything I need”. In the last hours, the influencer also shared images from the beach with a colorful swimsuit.

Trini Neira in a colorful swimsuit. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

“And the cheese” he wrote in the post of instagram, referring to the famous viral phrase from the Mexican telenovela ‘El amor invencible’, which means ‘the one that supports’. Her boyfriend was one of the first to comment with the message “My boss.” “Preciosaa”, “I’m dying hottie” and “beautiful bb” were some of the compliments from her fans.