From the beaches of the Maldives, Sonia Isaza paralyzed the network in an animal print swimsuit

the couple of Arturo vidal Y sonia isaza It must be one of the most commented of the local show business. It is that although they do not generate fights and are always happy, Internet users are always criticizing their actions, despite the great admiration they have for the King. One of the main criticisms has been the absence of the midfielder at the graduation of his eldest son.

It is that in the month of December, the children finish their classes and always have a school act at the end of the year. In the case of Alonso, known as ‘Monito Vidal’, he has graduated from eighth grade and it has been very important to him. “How ashamed your children must feel! Seeing you with the sonia, leaving them alone you didn’t even give them vacations, what a shame! Today is your eldest son’s graduation and you didn’t care about that. We want to see you when you’re old and they won’t even hit you, and it will be your worst punishment! Daddy of the year”, commented a user on the networks.

Far from responding to it or apologizing, Arthur He posted a photo of his vacation along with the caption “Nice Wednesday to all. Blessings. That’s how worried I am” and several emojis. Sonia Isaza has also responded to all the haters in her stories. “I see a lot of envy here… could it be that they sleep? Poor how they suffer with everything I publish” the model began the message.S

Sonia Isaza in Maldives. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

“Remember that envy kills more than cancer! Because if they say that it is not envy, if it is, it sprouts from their pores! Remember that these dates are to give love and not hate,” he said sonia. And he ended with a reflective phrase such as Postscript “Live and let live like this, it’s more beautiful!”. With that said, the fitness influencer continued to post photos of her paradisiacal vacation.

In the last few hours sonia He published some photos with a purple swimsuit, and others with an animal print bikini, which left more than one fan speechless. “And yes, I’m happy with my not-so-perfect life, I love my moment and let it be until God allows me. I love you, my love, thank you” was the beautiful message he dedicated to the Flamengo player.