From the bed, China Suárez paralyzed the network with a translucent look

China Suarez is currently in Uruguay, where he is filming a movie produced by Star + called “El Duelo”. One of his castmates is the Argentine film, theater and television actor Joaquín Furriel. How could it be otherwise, rumors of a possible relationship have already begun.

It was the journalist Nancy Duré who spoke a few weeks ago about how she has reacted the China during his stay: “He is uploading many stories with Joaquín Furriel. I thought that Rusherking was the one that could get a little jealous,” said the journalist. Flor de la Ve added: “The same, Joaquín is dating.”

Panelist Marcela Tauro was ironic with China Suarez referring to her previous relationships with married men. “It wouldn’t be a problem,” she said. Despite the rumours, the actress is firmly in love with her partner, the trap singer artistically known as Rusherking.

In these days ago, the China has shown what he does after he arrives from filming the movie. “Fortunately I come from filming and rest” she wrote about a video where she is seen with her three children Rufina, Amancio and Magnolia jumping from one bed to the other.

China Suarez. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

Another thing he does when he returns is to take selfie pictures with which he falls in love with more than one. In the last hours, she took one of her from the bed where she is seen wearing a translucent black shirt. Without a doubt the ex of Benjamin Vicuna knows how to get the attention of his more than six million followers.