From the car, Adriana Barrientos raised the temperature in a tight corset

Adriana Barrientos It hadn’t been a good week since her dog Asia, a French bulldog, was sick and had to be hospitalized. “My dog ​​cried all night at three in the morning in pain, they don’t know what it was, she was desperate. I took her down 20 times to the garden of the house, at 3, 5, 7 and she didn’t this happened” began counting a few days ago.

And he added: “I couldn’t manage to take an Uber to take her until I hit two hours ago, at 9… I hit the mark, the dizziness caused by the pills passed and I was able to take her.” Finally, Adriana A few hours ago, he recounted the state of health of the dog in his stories: “The fat woman got systitis so she is on antibiotics and it is good to take good care of her these days.”

And he explained what happened: “It was the air conditioning, temperature changes but it’s fine. You have to continue with the treatment. On Tuesday we have a new control and there they tell us whether or not we have to continue with antibiotics. Thank you for asking for my fat lady”. This weekend Adriana He was better and was able to go out for a ride.

“Happy celebrating my @rosemary.luo’s birthday with the camera @gala360cl total look @gucci” he wrote Adrianawhile sharing a video where she is seen spinning on the platform wearing a tight black corset, a mini-short of the same color and stiletto boots that went over the knee.

Then, the famous posted a video titled “Attempt to take a photo after the party, kisses to all.” The publication of instagram It exceeded 1,300 likes and 68 comments. “She is a diva… not everyone can wear those boots so stylish” and “Hello, Leoncita, you look pretty in your videos, I send you a kiss for you” were some of them.