From the car, Georgina Rodríguez blew the net in a tight dress

Georgina Rodriguez catapulted to international fame when she met Cristiano Ronaldo and became his partner and, later, the mother of his children. But, beyond her life alongside one of the best soccer players in the world, she has also managed to earn honor on the catwalks and in each of the exclusive events she attends.

Even Georgina He found great success with the Netflix series in which he recounts his life and what it is like to deal with the demands of his partner’s career and life with five children. This coming March 24, the platform of the big red N will premiere the second part of what turned out to be practically a reality show of her life.

For the promotion of ‘Hello, I’m Georgina‘, as the series is called, the streaming platform is giving away bags. “Before, he collected bags, now he gives them away” is the phrase that heads the Makreting action. Let’s remember that the first installment was advertised along with the copy “He used to sell bags in Serrano, now he collects them.”

Georgina Rodríguez from the car. Source: Instagram @georginagio

This Monday, the influencer has started the week working hard on a photo session. On his official account instagramwhere she has more than 47 million followers from all latitudes, has posed from a luxurious car wearing a tight red dress that has marked her silhouette at 29 years of age.

Georgina Rodríguez in front of the mirror. Source: Instagram @georginagio

In addition, she has accompanied her look with a spacious black bag and has revealed her delicate manicure: a classic ‘french nail art’ that always looks good on almond-shaped nails. More than a million followers “liked” the couple’s Instagram post Cristiano Ronaldo and more than 6,000 left their comments with compliments and compliments.

Georgina Rodríguez with her ‘french nail art’. Source: Instagram @georginagio