From the car, Yailin La Más Viral raised the temperature in a minidress

Yailin The Most Viral He doesn’t usually talk much with his followers. Although he already has more than 5 and a half million on his official Instagram account, he communicates with them through his photographs and some messages that he leaves written in his stories. In recent days, she has warned her fans that she will send her lawyers to those who “gossip” about her.

“Anyone who mentions my name in gossip and lies, I have to tell you that I have my lawyer ready & ready for what I say… the mess is over. Give it, throw it, I’m waiting for you,” he wrote. yailin in their stories.

In one of her photographs on the camera network, fashion and image specialist Leidy Ortiz assured that yailin He owes her money several months ago. “When are you going to pay me for the dress you rented and never delivered? block?” he started writing.

Message from Yailin The Most Viral. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

Pro continued to be very angry: “I am not charging 20 thousand dollars, nor a million dollars, I am charging what I did to yailin, and I charged them very decently, from a good person, for a long time”. Apparently he sent Yailin private messages saying “this is the last thing I’m going to give you, do you agree with the price”, and she replied, “yes, send it to me because the flight is going to leave me”.

Yailin The Most Viral from the car. Source: Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

The wife of Anuel AA has not commented on it. She even in the last hours she shared an image of her in her stories where she is seen posing from a luxurious car wearing a black strappy minidress. As her hairstyle is very changeable, this time she surprised her fans with black curly hair.