From the front, Cami Gallardo imposes a trend in a tight translucent dress

This past August 3, the final of The Voice Chile was held, a contest in which the two best from each team faced each other. Enzo Ferrada was the participant of the team of Cami Gallardo, who reached the final with a powerful message for viewers: “That is the message I want to leave, that in the end they heal and love. Enough of hate, enough of transphobia, enough of homophobia and enough of killing us”.

The winner of the final was Pablo Rojas, from Team Beto Cuevas. The young man is from Curicó. From the beginning he stole the affection of the public. in the grand finale of The VoiceChile he obtained 45.60 percent of the votes and beat Yordan, who obtained 25.94 percent of the preferences.

Let’s remember that Cami She took her first steps as a professional in the first edition of The Voice in 2015. Luis Fonsi was her first great mentor since he even wrote her the first hit that made her play on the radio, “More than half.” The artist from Viña del Mar assured that the Puerto Rican singer “was very important at the beginning of my career because he guided me and introduced me to many people I had to meet at that time in order to be ordained.”

Source: Instagram @cami

In the last hours, Cami Gallardo She shared two photos where she poses from the front and is seen wearing a tight translucent red lace dress, and a black bra set underneath. “What if we release tour dates?” she consulted the singer to her fans as an epigraph of the post.

Source: Instagram @cami

Immediately the Instagram post of Cami It reached many likes and comments from its fans. “Mother mIA” commented Alba Reche, the Spanish singer-songwriter and plastic artist. “Teamotanto”, “Pooorfavor neoooooooo” and “PLEASE ARGENTINA” were the anxious responses of her fans.