From the gym, Coté López adds to the “barbiecore style” with a pink top and jogger

cote lopez He is one of the personalities of Chile with one of the most surprising figures. However, this is not due to an intense exercise routine but simply to good genetics. Even when the haters start to criticize her on the networks, the famous she knows how to silence them with videos of her adolescence.

The audio of the video Cote It was the particular conversation of the Mexican soap opera between a girl with another person to whom she says: “Well, that’s how I am. And the cheese… the one that supports.” In addition, the video was accompanied by the phrase: “At 17 years old, 100% natural.” In this way the lace showed all the beauty of it.

In his stories of instagram, Luis Jiménez’s wife shared a video with a friend where they clarified that it was their first day at the gym. This indicates once again that the figure of the sportswear businesswoman is purely and exclusively good genetics. The famous woman clarified that although she has a place to train where she lives, she prefers to be accompanied to another place even if she has to go out.

Coté López started a new gym. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

a day ago, Cote He had shown himself exercising from home. She in her gym shared a photo where she was seen alone with headphones. On this occasion, the model also posed in front of the mirror and wore a sports top and a pink jogger. Her outfit once again added her to the ‘barbiecore’ trend.

Coté López from his home gym. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

It is not the first time that Cote she dresses all in this color. She has previously shown herself on her social networks with a more reel look: miniskirt and top. She also used the Barbie movie filter and showed how she would look like the protagonist. It is undoubtedly a style that celebrities like.