From the pool Carmen Electra sets a trend in a neon-colored swimsuit and shows why she is still the definitive woman

Carmen Electra, American actress and model, has swept the social networks with her captivating gym figure and her unique look. The also singer and producer has accumulated millions of likes with her most recent publication on instagram for which she posed in a bathing suit, leaving her followers stunned with her beauty.

Currently the actress is a success in social networks since only on Instagram she has 1.5 million followers who acclaim her for her natural charm. However, her beginnings date back to the 90’s when she, after moving to California, met the singer Prince who persuaded her to change her name to Carmen Electra.

It is so that shortly after Carmen Electra signed a recording contract with Paisley Park Records, Prince’s company, beginning his career as a singer in a rap group. By 1993 she released her first album together with the song “Go Go Dancer”. However, her musical facet did not last long since in 1997 she began to appear in various television programs.

The model that regularly appeared in “Playboy” magazine, the definitive catwalk before they existed social networks as instagram, got his big break to fame by participating in the movie “Baywatch”. after that Carmen Electra He was part of the program “Singled Out de MTV” and “Howard Stern”. Her time in the cinema includes performances in films such as: “Good Burger”, “The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human” and “Scary Movie”.

Source: Instagram Carmen Electra

The model who created a hit DVD series called “Carmen Electra Aerobics Striptease”, is not only extremely talented, but also incredibly beautiful. This is demonstrated day by day in his social networksas he did in his most recent publication of instagram. For it, the actress posed in a striking swimsuit that highlighted her curves perfectly.

Source: Instagram Carmen Electra