From the pool, Daniela Aránguiz raises the temperature with a microbikini

Daniela Aranguiz is always in the spotlight of the news. Recently, the idea of ​​a possible reconciliation with Mago Valdivia has been discussed due to the trips that the couple has made together. In conversation with Las Últimas Noticias (LUN), the panelist said before going there: “We have a trip planned in December. We are going to spend Christmas and New Years in our house in the United States. Rigeo goes with his son, Claudio also with his son, I go with Jorge, with ours”.

Daniela He confessed that they did everything for the children: “No one has gotten off the plane and all the children are excited. For the children, the harshness of adults should be put aside, so that we all have a good time. We will always be family and That seems the healthiest to me.” However, on his return there was no further news of the reconciliation.

Recently, aranguiz he sent a terrible hint to the father of his children in the Zona Latina program. “Ceci (Gutiérrez) is my number one informant. So there is a man who cries for me every day and I sent Ceci to find out and she found out some things for me, ”she began by saying.

“I say Jorge Valdivia, stop whining if you’re peeling elsewhere ”, launched, as a joke, the Zona de Estrellas panelist. In the last few hours, she posted a video where she is seen posing on her back in a black microbikini and animal print. The publication exceeded 13,600 likes and 900 comments. La Leona Barrientos commented “Maximum Goddess”. Luis Mateucci left him emojis of fire and a follower commented: “She has a tremendous body, this woman and she has 2 children? I, with 2 daughters, am made poor.”

As always, there was no shortage of those who attacked her with criticism. “I find you regal, but… you like to attract attention… you like to be caught with the things you publish… it will go a long way if you don’t have self-respect, work on that”, “You’re great, lady,” but which one Is it the need to show yourself, as if you were offering yourself to the highest bidder?” and “Operated by anyone po hahaha” were just some of the messages from haters against Daniela.