From the pool, Gala Caldirola raises the temperature in a swimsuit

Gala Caldirola is often known for being Mauricio Isla’s ex-partner, although she is a high-class model and influencer. She currently has more than two and a half million followers on her Instagram account, to whom she promotes different products and services.

Gala He shared an emotional message on his social networks after saying goodbye to his daughter for a few days. It is that little Luz Elif went away for a few days with her father, Mauricio Isla. “You are a little piece of me, and a little piece of him. You are the love we once had and the love we will have until old age. When I’m not by your side, I’m still. When you are with him, he is also, ”wrote the Spanish.

“I will count the days until I see you again, but I will be happy because I know that this is good for you, it is good for us. By putting love and awareness you can have a united family, regardless of the circumstances, “he concluded his tender message Gala. The minor will leave for 12 days with her father.

Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

The former reality girl has taken advantage of her days without her daughter to visit an incredible resort in the Riviera Maya, in Mexico. “The facilities are beautiful both to come with family and friends! And the rooms so comfortable that you don’t even want to leave them!” she recommended Caldirola.

Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

What’s more, Gala He recalled that “All the hotel rooms have an infinity pool on the terrace with sea views!” and she did it with a video and a couple of photos wearing a tight white swimsuit that marked her perfect silhouette.