From the pool, Karol G paralyzed the network in a swimsuit

Carol G has lived a 2022 full of successes and concerts. La Bichota performed the ‘Strip Love Tour’ and performed more than 3 sold out shows. It is for this reason that on October 29 at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, United States, the Colombian announced that she would withdraw from the stage by 2023, where she would only perform in Puerto Rico.

“It turns out next year I’m not going on tour, I’m not going on tour. I have a concert, which is at the stadium in Puerto Rico and I don’t know if you’re going to have money for that, but Bichota invites you to that one, she takes you, travels you, gives you the backstage, so someone from my team please, to help me,” he said. Carol G.

The Colombian popular music singer Jhonny Rivera was consulted on his social networks about what he thought of the concert of Carol G. “That was crazy, impressive, I experienced something magical, what a beautiful show. I have a lot of videos, but yesterday I uploaded a lot of videos and I don’t want to saturate them, I’m going to upload them this week,” she replied.

Karol G in the pool. Source: Instagram @karolg

In the last hours, the ‘Catwoman’ set fire again Instagram with a new photo session. “I swore that I wasn’t going to fuck any little ass… and here I am talking to you nicely” she wrote in the epigraph, so it is possibly the verse of a new song.

Karol G posed in a swimsuit. Source: Instagram @karolg

In the photographs, Carol posed from a pool wearing a nude swimsuit. The post quickly garnered 3 million followers and 22,000 comments. “You’re the bestrrrrrr I follow you from here always connected with you” and “I love your smile, your happiness, your love in all the shows you do that’s why I love you mor you’re a fucking bichota, I can’t explain how I feel whenever you do your shows you are the best the toughest of tough” were some of them.

Karol G raised the temperature. Source: Instagram @karolg