From the pool, Marité Matus dedicated a romantic message to Camilo Huerta

Marité Matusex-wife of the soccer player Arturo vidaldedicated a romantic message to her new boyfriend Camilo Huerta. The physical education teacher and personal trainer had a birthday and his girlfriend greeted him with lots of love. Together from the pool, she looked very happy and in love. And not to mention their model bodies.

Marité and Camilo. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

Marité’s post read:

Happy Birthday my love!
How happy it makes me that we spend this day together, and I hope that life continues to give me the opportunity to celebrate everything with you.
Because with you my love, with you everything is more beautiful, and fun!
May you be very happy today and always because you deserve it…
Let’s celebrate! I LOVE YOU!!

Marité Matus and Arturo Vidal They were together for 10 years and have 3 children together. However, their relationship did not work out and both managed to find love again separately. Arturo, for his part, is in a relationship with the Colombian fitness model Sonia Isaza. While Marité Matus found love in Camilo Huertaand they have shared their lives together for more than a year.

Camilo Huerta’s relationship with the children of Marité Matus

Marité and Camilo. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

Camilo Huerta and Marite Matus They are the most mediatic couple of the Chilean show business, mainly because they are the former partners of Arturo Vidal.

One of the problems that afflicts the couple is the relationship of the physical education teacher with the Matus-Vidal children, Camilo Huerta once told TiempoX: “We get along very well, I have been a sports teacher and I have always behaved well With children, I have not had problems. Also, I like to play and work with them, so we have a lot of fun. ”, For his part, Huerta confirmed that he had not had the opportunity to speak with Arturo vidaleven though they are mutual friends.

Marité and Camilo. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

“I know him because I have worked with his foundation many times in the past. I found him, he is a close friend of Marito Velasco, but today I did not have the opportunity to share my relationship with him. marite”, he concluded.