From the pool: Sonia Isaza, girlfriend of Arturo Vidal, raised the temperature with a tight swimsuit

Sonia Isaac Y Arturo vidal They are living a more than beautiful moment in their relationship. Recently, the Flamengo player posted a TikTok video on his Instagram account where he uses audio from the Dragon Ball Z series in Latin dubbing. “Today we present… I’m going to eat you” the background voice is heard saying, while her girlfriend walks around the house and he waits for her with cutlery in hand.

Some followers of the King did not understand the post, and others took it with humor, as in the case of Benjamín Vicuña who commented “Hahahaajjs hdp”. Many other messages came from his supporters of Flamengo. Recently, Vidal said an unfortunate phrase that did not like in Brazil. “With the level of players here, plus their fans, if they were in the Champions League, Flamengo would surely fight with everyone. This team is very talented,” said the player and received criticism from journalists in that country.

this past thursday, Sonia Isaac took advantage of the slogan of “TBT” in which all celebrities share content from the past with nostalgia. “MI #TBT” she wrote the model and used the hashtags “#canelitahollywood” and “#nofilter”. Despite not having a filter, the Colombian really shows off a spectacular figure.

TBT by Sonia Isaza. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

Sonya posed at the edge of a pool in a tight black two-piece swimsuit. Undoubtedly, the results of exercise and constant training pay off. The Instagram post exceeded 29,000 likes, among which was King’s, of course.

TBT by Sonia Isaza. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

In addition, the model received more than 200 comments of compliments and compliments. “What a sweetie!!!!” Her daughter Daniela Isaza wrote to her, with whom she has an excellent relationship. “Beautiful friend”, “Divine” and “Ayyyy corduroy” were some of the messages she received Sonyafrom his friends and some fans.