From the pool, the eldest daughter of Marco Antonio Solís shook the net in a micro bikini

Marco Antonio Solis He is one of the most established and prestigious Latino artists of the last decades. His entire family has inherited his talent and sympathy, so they follow in his footsteps. His wife, Cristy Solís, is a businesswoman who is always by his side, accompanying him and helping him in all decision-making.

His youngest daughters, Marla and Alison Solís, have also dedicated themselves to music and even already have songs released on the market. Beatriz Solis She is his eldest daughter, the result of his relationship with the actress and interpreter Beatriz Adriana. While she hasn’t had an easy life, she has always turned the other cheek.

A few hours ago, beatrice posted a mini-video where she is seen posing on the edge of the pool in a cream-colored micro-bikini. “Sometimes, life burns around us and there is nothing we can do about it. Other times, we pour gasoline and light the match with our choices. Everything has a consequence…” was the enigmatic phrase he used for the post.

“I’m still in favor… what should be will be… I’m open to change and growth,” the message concluded, although it did not clarify the addressees. At 33 years old, beatrice maintains a spectacular figure, but this is no coincidence. After the video in the pool, she shared another clip where she is seen “Buzzing with this beautiful group of women.”

The daughter of Marco Antonio Solis clarified the reason for its spectacular silhouette. “I do zumba 4-5 times a week and gym daily! And then I wonder why everything hurts,” she wrote. “Good morning beautiful friend and health coach. I love you so much and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I know life can be a roller coaster, but we will get through it one day at a time. God bless you and I love you” and “Our consequences are the result of our decisions and choices, but the beauty of life is that every day we are given second chances to correct and make better decisions and learn from the past… a blessed and productive Monday” were some of the messages you received.