From the sea, Shannon de Lima shook the net in a bathing suit

Shannon from Lima She is one of the most coveted international models. She is currently single, although in the past she has been in a relationship with two great personalities: the salsa singer Mark Anthony and Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez. He has a very good relationship with both of them.

Recently in an interview, Shannon She clarified that she would go to the wedding of her ex-husband and the Paraguayan beauty queen Nadia Ferreira “if they invited her.” She with James she also has some back and forth on social networks, always with love and respect. There has even been a rumor for a long time that they have a son in common: Samuel Rodríguez.

James had this son by “surrogate womb” but there is no shortage of those who say that it was the fruit of his love with Shannon. On one occasion, a follower asked him “Why do you never upload a photo of your son with James? Don’t you want it? Excuse the nosy.” The Venezuelan model replied without denying it, which generated more doubts: “I love him madly. I don’t have to upload photos to show that I’m a good person or I love my loved ones, sometimes when I get a picture I upload a photo from time to time, but I don’t like it. I have already made it clear many times, kisses my love.

Shannon from Lima. Source: Instagram @shadelima

In the last hours, Shannon shared a new photo from the sea wearing a green two-piece swimsuit. “Disconnect to connect” was the simple phrase that she used to title the post, which exceeded 25,000 likes and 87 comments.

Shannon de Lima in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @shadelima

“Mi amorerrr”, “And this hottie” and “You will never forget that your buttocks are very beautiful and divine” were some of the beautiful comments that the ex-wife of Mark Anthony.