From the sofa, Luis Miguel’s ex raises the temperature with a risky video

Mollie Gould She was one of the many models that participated a few days ago in the New York Fashion Week. This great gala event was held in the Big Apple from September 9 to 14. There, more than 80 emerging and established designers gathered in Manhattan and Brooklyn to present her latest women’s collection.

A soft pastel color palette, preppy low-rise baggy pants, snake-print military jackets, and loose, asymmetrical wool maxi dresses are just a few of the trends left behind by NYFW 2022. Molly She posed in a fuchsia one-sleeved minidress.

In the last hours, the ex of Luis Miguel posted a video of a new photo shoot. “As a woman I love to radiate femininity” she wrote in the post and put in the background the song “A Kind of Sunday Love” by Etta James, the American jazz singer, from where she is also the model.

In the video, which has a black and white filter, you can see how the camera approaches Molly, who is lying face down on a sofa wearing a lace ensemble. The Instagram post almost reached 1,000 likes and more than 30 comments. “I love you”, “Dream Girl” and “Stunning Beautiful” were some of them.

For its part, Luis Miguel It has been in the news in recent days since the Argentine program “True Secrets” revealed a new clue about the relationships that her mother, Marcela Basteri, had with Lady Di. In the book ‘The Romeo and Juliet Chronicles’ whose author is Gerald Spencer, Diana Spencer’s cousin, he confesses that he had an affair with the singer’s mother.