From the spa, Gala Caldirola rocked the trend in a printed swimsuit

From the relaxing waters of a spa, Gala Caldirola shook social media with her take on the traditional printed swimsuit trend. The Spanish model shared a shocking video on her Instagram account of her enjoying the pool of a luxury hotel in a stunning printed swimsuit.

But this is not the only revelation that has surprised his followers. instagram in the last days. In a revealing interview with Ignacia Michaelson on the web show “Va De Mi”, Caldirola spoke about her experience on the reality show “Would you go back to your ex?”.

Gala Caldirola. Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

The model confessed to having had an intimate experience while participating in the mega show and revealed intimate details of their relationship during the reality show. Caldirola shared that she dated three people for various reasons and in various situations, including unrequited love and non-intimate situations.

Most shocking were his confessions about intimate experiences that took place off-camera. Caldirola He did not name those involved, but emphasized the discomfort of being under public scrutiny and surrounded by cameras.

Despite her wishes, the presence of other people and the media exposure made the situation an uncomfortable moment for the model. This revealing episode complements the anecdotes that Caldirola tells about his participation in the reality show and gives followers the opportunity to learn more about his life during this period. In addition to her influence in the world of fashion, Gala Caldirola has proven to be a public figure willing to share personal moments and unique experiences, breaking barriers and challenging expectations.