From the transmission of Barbara D’Urso to the Gf Vip: sensational indiscretion

From the fixed face of Barbara D’Urso’s transmission to a competitor of the GF VIP: the indiscretion is sensational, beyond belief.

Activate the countdown: very close to the seventh edition of the GF VIP! The start date, apparently, is scheduled for September 19, but until now nothing is known about the cast that will take part in it. Sure, the first official competitor has been announced, but the others?

Beloved tv face. Credits: Instagram

He had announced it some time ago and, until now, he has respected his words: the cast of the GF Vip continues to be top secret. Sure, the landlord continues to throw a few clues on his official social channel – and a while ago another one arrived – but he hasn’t unbuttoned himself at all. On the other hand, however, there are really numerous rumors that continue to spread about hypothetical competitors and that make the whole reality audience on their toes. Have you also read the one that has spread in the last few hours?

According to what is learned from IGossip, it would seem that a beloved face of the transmission by Barbara D’Urso would be one of the official competitors at the GF Vip. Until now, the beautiful woman has not expressed herself on the matter at all, but from what we read it would seem that ‘the die is cast’. Curious to know who we are talking about? We refer to a showgirl who is not at all unrelated to the world of reality TV and a real volcano of energy.

Beloved face of Barbara D’Urso’s broadcast at GF VIP? What emerged

Although very little is missing at the beginning of this new edition of the GF Vip, rumors continue to be quite numerous as to who should enter the famous Cinecittà house. A few hours ago, the name of a very famous Italian showgirl was revealed who – according to IGossip – will be one of the competitors of this next edition. She is, as we said previously, a beloved TV personality.

Protagonist of Lory Del Santo’s web series, the splendid Apulian has made herself loved even more as the fixed face of Barbara D’Urso’s broadcast. Loved for her ease and spontaneity of her, the showgirl took part in the edition of The Island of the famous in 2018 and even on that occasion she conquered all of her with her sympathy for her. What will happen now? You will really she will enter the house of the GF VIP? Apparently, it would seem so!

It would seem that the beautiful Sarah Altobello is the next contestant of the GF VIP! Our beloved Melania Trump – from what IGossip reports – will be one of the Vippone of this edition. Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot give you any confirmation: the beautiful Apulian, in fact, still has to express herself on the matter. We can tell you, however, that if Sarah enters the house, we will certainly see some good ones!

gf vip shock transmission
Sarah Altobello. Credits: Instagram

While waiting to hear more, we wish Sarah a big good luck!